Memorial Tribute Video

All the families who have given the gift of life in 2019 will be invited to remember their loved one and celebrate their life during A Special Place ceremony. As part of the ceremony, we will have a photo tribute. The photo tribute will be produced with music and reflect the generosity of your loved one’s gift of organ, tissue and/ or cornea donation. During the reception following the ceremony, we will show the photo tribute of those who gave this beautiful gift in 2019.


This is an example of the slide created from the information you’re providing in this form. It includes a donor’s name, age, memorial quote and a photo/video.


If you would like your loved one to be recognized in the photo tribute, please do the following:

  • Choose one in-focus, color photograph of your loved one. 
  • Choose up to 10 words about your loved one that will be displayed in the photo tribute.
  • Fill out the following form and upload a photo of your loved one.


  • If you are attending the June 7th Special Place Ceremony in Pittsburgh, PA, the deadline for sending your photo is May 17th.
  • If you are attending the Sept. 27th Special Place Ceremony in Charleston, WV, the deadline for sending your photo is Sept. 6th.


 If you have any questions regarding the photos, please contact CORE by calling 1-800-366-6777 or email

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