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apledgeforlifeCORE Brochure
A Pledge for Life
CORE is one of 58 federally designated not-for-profit organ procurement organizations (OPOs) in the United States. With headquarters in Pittsburgh and an office in Charleston, West Virginia, CORE oversees a region that encompasses 155 hospitals and almost six million people throughout western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Chemung County, NY.
alegacyforlifeDonor Families Brochure
A Legacy for Life
We cannot possibly take away your pain and grief, but we will offer you support and information. Members of our support team are available anytime to help you make the difficult but necessary decisions of a family considering the donation of your loved one’s organs, tissues and corneas.
acommunityforlifeMulticultural Brochure
A Community for Life
As a member of Communities for Life, there are a variety of ways your organization can promote organ, tissue and cornea donation. You have the power to share our message and ultimately save or enhance many lives.
apartnerforlifeWorkplace Brochure
A Partner for Life
Partnering for Life is an extension of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the country’s largest educational initiative targeted toward employers, employees and unions.
agiftforlifeFundraising Brochure
A Gift for Life
Those who provide monetary gifts to CORE not only contribute to the quality of life of those in need of a transplant, but also honor those who have donated organs, tissues and corneas.
apledgeforlifeDonor Brochure
A Decision for Life
The decision to donate organs, tissue and corneas creates a legacy of generosity for the donor, and a second chance at life for the recipient.
CORE-Recipient-BrochureRecipient Brochure
A Thanks for Life
Few people have felt the joy of a truly selfless, life-changing gift. As a transplant recipient, you may want to communicate with your donor’s family and thank them for this gift. Here’s how.
Living-Kidney-Donor-BrochureLiving Donor Brochure
Living Kidney Donor Program
Living kidney donation can be one of the most rewarding yet difficult decisions to make. For individuals living with kidney failure, this gift means restored health and a second chance at life.