Organ Donation Toolbox

The Organ Donation Toolbox is a web-based repository or virtual “toolbox” of administrative and clinical resources, suggested educational strategies, and supporting materials for both organ procurement organizations (OPOs) and donor hospitals.

This toolbox is a collection of OPO and donor hospital best practices in one convenient location. The Organ Donation Toolbox is a collaborative project that was made possible by the Donation and Transplantation Community of Practice as well as its workgroup members.

The toolbox includes topics such as: checklists, policies, quality tools, legal and regulatory references, intensivist models, and information about brain injury guidelines, donation after circulatory determination of death, donor designation, donor management, neurologic determination of death and pediatric donation.

Click on the Organ Donation Toolbox to view these best practices. You may also add the toolbox to your mobile device as an app or a shortcut link by navigating to the above address and adding the icon to your home screen from your Internet toolbar.

If you have any questions, please call 800-DONORS-7 (800-366-6777).