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Join CORE and provide hope and healing to those who are affected by organ, tissue, and cornea donation and transplantation.

CORE works in partnership with 150 hospitals throughout western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Chemung County, NY to provide organs, tissue and corneas for patients awaiting life-saving and healing transplants.

Please contact CORE directly to inquire about available positions.

800-DONORS-7 (800-366-6777)

204 Sigma Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

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CORE seeks to fill the following positions:


POSITION SUMMARY: The position of Professional Services Liaison/ Donor Family Supports Coordinator (PSL/DFSC) for the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) is one of significant responsibility. The PSL/DFSC coordinates educational efforts with assigned hospitals within CORE’s service area by consulting and working with hospital decision makers. The PSL/DFSC also is responsible for developing and delivering educational programs to physicians, nurses, social workers, pastoral care representatives, and others throughout the hospital to advance and maximize the donor program. In conjunction with hospital administration and key staff, the PSL/DFSC also will develop and monitor policies to ensure hospital compliance with federal and state donor mandates. The PSL/DFSC also will identify and cultivate champions of donation. He/She also is responsible for functioning as a designated requestor for assigned hospitals.

SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY: The Professional Services Liaison/ Donor Family Supports Coordinator reports to CORE’s Director of Professional Services. When involved in donor activity, however, the PSL/DFSC works under the direction of the CORE administrator on call. The PSL/DFSC is responsible for professional educational initiatives within the CORE service area. To effectively develop and implement educational modules and policies with hospitals, the PSL/DFSC must have a strong understanding of local and national donor policies, trends within the procurement and transplant fields and the hospitals’ internal dynamics. The PSL/DFSC routinely will identify and target key hospitals and units where improvements in the donor process need to be made. The PSL/DFSC will develop and promote implementation of measurable goals to help ensure that the improvements are made. The PSL/DFSC also will ensure that chart reviews are conducted on a minimum of a quarterly basis to help measure compliance and improvements. Additionally, the PSL/DFSC will meet with hospital administrators, medical, nursing, social services and quality assurance/risk management staff to ensure that CORE materials are displayed throughout the hospital and that CORE is represented at hospital-sponsored meetings and events, where appropriate. He/She also is responsible for functioning as a designated requestor for assigned hospitals. He/She is responsible for supporting and educating the potential donor’s legal next-of-kin(NOK) regarding donation options. The PSL/DFSC conducts discussion of authorization based on donor designation (i.e., authorization first-person via the donor registry, when applicable) or requests authorization for donation from legal NOK. The PSL/DFSC also must develop a positive relationship with external professional organizations to position CORE as a resource and gain access to programs and advance the hospitals’ overall donor programs.
JOB QUALIFICATIONS: The position of Professional Services Liaison/ Donor Family Supports Coordinator requires that the incumbent have a baccalaureate degree in the Health Science field. Health care experience with critical care background is highly desirable. Bereavement experience or experience with families in crisis is also preferred. He/She should demonstrate strong analytical and interpersonal skills. He/She should have experience with, and knowledge of the procurement field. He/She must be able to work long and unpredictable hours. He/She must demonstrate a commitment to CORE’s mission, their administrative philosophy, and overall organ, tissue and eye donation program.
Interested Candidates should send a resume and coverletter to



The position of Student Intern is responsible for assisting a designated department within the administration offices of  CORE. You and your supervisor will   determine a project which you will be responsible for completing  by the end of your internship. Various projects will require more or less hours for completion, so please disclose your availability to intern in the  application. Also, we do allow students to intern with us for college credit, and ask you to also disclose this information in your application. CORE offers both paid and unpaid opportunities depending on the parameters of the project assigned and your internship requirements. Either paid or unpaid, CORE offers an experience with wonderful opportunities to learn and   grow as a young professional.

You can apply for an internship by copying an pasting the following link into your web browser:




Organ Procurement Coordinators are fortunate to have the opportunity to save lives. Coordinators provide support and education to families of deceased loved ones in hospitals in order to ensure that the organ donation process is carried out. Coordinators complete the clinical activities with deceased patients that are necessary to ensure organs remain viable for transplant. Coordinators take the lead role in the hospital during the donation process, working effectively with physicians, surgeons, nurses and others. Successful Coordinators are confident, independent, compassionate, detail-oriented and mission driven. They must be able to manage unpredictable schedules, work long hours when necessary, and travel by car and plane throughout PA and WV.

Job Qualifications: The position of Organ Procurement Coordinator requires that someone be a registered nurse, physician’s assistant or paramedic with a four-year degree in one of the health sciences, or prior experience with an Organ Procurement Organization. Critical care experience is desirable. This individual must have strong communication, interpersonal skills and sound judgment and have the ability to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week while on the call schedule. The individual must possess the ability to lift and carry equipment weighing sixty 60 pounds or more and demonstrate a commitment to the donation process, strong professional work ethic and advanced leadership skills.

Interested Candidates can apply by copying the link below into your browser:



Donor Referral Coordinators have the opportunity to participate in activities that save and enhance lives. Coordinators are responsible for coordinating the complex donation process that includes taking hospital referral calls, completing medical suitability analysis, obtaining required documentation, mobilizing recovery teams and securing transportation, and completing all related communication in a professional and urgent manner. In addition, Coordinators contact family members to discuss the donation possible by their deceased loved one. Successful Coordinators are highly compassionate, detail-oriented, work will under pressure, have excellent customer service and phone skills, are great at multi-tasking and are mission-driven.

Job Qualifications: The Donor Referral Coordinator must be able to work a flexible schedule, that will require night, weekend and Holiday work. The Coordinator should have some type of medical background, with at least one year experience in a health-related field. This individual must have strong communication skills, sound judgment, excellent verbal skills and the ability to interact with a diverse public and healthcare population. He/She also must be able to manage well multiple tasks in what can be an active environment and demonstrate a professional commitment to donation and CORE’s ability to achieve its mission.

Interested Candidates can apply by copying the link below into your browser: